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SCRIP-SURE Fundraising Program
SCRIP-SURE Fundraising Program

From November, 2009 through December, 2018, more than 100 people (or families) have ordered cards with total face amount of more than $2 million! The cumulative church profit is now over $135,000. Click here for a summary report of the scrip program in 2014. The numbers may be a bit dated in that report, but the themes are the same.

Ordering Schedule: Ordering deadlines are typically the last Sunday of each month. Delivery will be on the first Sunday of the next month. (Cards for about 35 of the most popular retailers, including local groceries and CVS, are typically kept in inventory, and may be purchased any week.)

We're pleased to share some exciting news about a fundraising program for our church. It's called "scrip", and it's the fundraising program that works while you shop as you normally would.

Scrip is simply a word that means "substitute money" - in other words, scrip is gift certificates or gift cards from national and local retailers. They're the same gift cards that you buy at the store. Many popular retailers participate in our scrip program including Stop & Shop, Big Y, West Side Market, Red Lobster, CVS, Kohl's, Best Buy, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, iTunes, L.L. Bean, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Home Depot, and hundreds of others.

You're probably asking yourself how these stores help us raise money. It's simple -- scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates or gift cards to our church at a discount. Member families like yours buy the certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and our church keeps the difference as revenue. Scrip is an exciting opportunity, because everybody wins:

  • The retailer gets cash up front and repeat business...
  • We get a powerful fundraising alternative that involves no selling...
  • Our church gets a regular source of revenue.
The beauty of scrip is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money for our church without spending a single additional penny. Just spend your regular shopping dollars with scrip at the stores that participate in the scrip program! And scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, gasoline and even dining out.

Click below to open a list of participating scrip providers:
Note: In addition to the retailers provided by our distributor (listed in the links below), we offer scrip for the following five groceries (usually kept in inventory, so these can be purchased any week – See Gail Hall in Chapin Hall during fellowship time):
Big Y: $200, $100, $50, and $25
Stop & Shop: $200, $100, $50, and $25
West Side Market: $100, $50, and $25
Whole Foods: $100, $50 and $25
Trader Joe’s: sizes vary, please ask

Browse interactively by retail category

Complete alphabetical list of retailers (pdf)

Here are some actual comments from our own church members who have ordered scrip:

  • “This program should be a no-brainer for everyone in the church to participate. It is impossible to live in Rocky Hill or nearby and not use several of these retailers regularly.”
  • “Almost seems a bit too good to be true.”
  • “I purchased cards from places I regularly shop; so I'll use them myself, and RHCC gets a share. It's a win/win!”
The power of the program lies in the potential for recurring orders. To that end, we’ve given the program a catchier name – “Scrip-Sure” – and a regular schedule that you can plan on in the coming year. Orders will be taken each month, starting in January. For each month, the deadline for orders will be the last Sunday of the month, and all scrip ordered during a month will be delivered on the first Sunday of the following month.

Here is how you can order:

You can pick up a paper order form at the church (see the display in Chapin Hall), or select one of the two options below:
       PDF format             Spreadsheet format (xls)

Paper forms may be mailed to the church office, placed in the appropriate box in Chapin Hall, or even placed in the offering plate on any Sunday morning. You may also copy the ordering information into an email and send to Alternatively, the spreadsheet form may be completed, saved, and emailed directly to (This is probably the easiest way to submit an order via email.)

Regardless of your method for submitting your order, it must be paid for by the ordering deadline. Payment should be by check, payable to Rocky Hill Congregational Church, with "SCRIP" clearly marked in the memo section. Of course, you can also pay by cash - just make sure your payment is securely turned in, and clearly identified for your scrip order. If you email your order, you can mail your check to the church, or place it in the offering plate on any Sunday morning, or pay using our online donation facility.

If you have any questions, please email Dave Hall at

Thanks for your support!

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