Used with permission from UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns

In July of 2007, The Diaconate of the Rocky Hill Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, with the blessing of the Church Council, created a Committee of interested Church members to study and guide the Open and Affirming process for the Church.

To quote the Diaconate:  “The desire to engage in an ONA dialogue was raised in our Visioning process almost 5 years ago.  Just as other aspects of our vision have come to fruition through the energy and commitment of a “champion”, the Diaconate, after a period of consideration and research, became that champion and recommended to the Council that our church engage in an open dialogue regarding ONA - what it means and whether we wish to declare ourselves to be an ONA church.”*

A founding act of the ONA Committee was to adopt a Charter which served as its guide as it engaged in the ONA process. In addition, the Committee adopted a Behavioral Covenant to guide its meetings.

The Committee met for nearly two years in furtherance of its charge. A chronology of its work can be found by clicking the “Chronology” link in the sidebar menu.  Meeting Minutes are also easily accessible.  The Four themes that the ONA committee followed is fully fleshed in the “Themes” area.

The Committee completed its work in March of 2009.  Its final report and draft ONA statement was accepted by the Diaconate and the Church Council.  The Committee’s Open and Affirming Statement was adopted by the Church on June 7, 2009.