Used with permission from UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns

June 15, 2007 letter from Diaconate introducing subject to congregation

Mailed to all Church members

Feedback from November 11th second hour

Summarized by ONA Committee

History of the UCC's position on homosexuality

Posted by Michael Bower

What the Bible says - and doesn't say - about homosexuality

Posted by Bob Inderbitzen


Fequently Asked Questions - Prepared by the Diaconate prior to the July 29, 2007 second hour.

Handouts from the Windsor ONA Committee: 1. Study Group Time Line,  2. Windsor ONA Statement and 3. Windsor ONA Proposed ONA Statement

From the Committee’s March 25, 2008 Meeting


Link to web site with different perspectives on religious issues.

Progress Report to Congregation - September, 2008

Mailed to all Church members

Link to ONA section of UCC web site

What is the Lexington Covenant?

Text from Faithful and Welcoming Churches Web Site

What are Faithful and Welcoming Churches?

Link to web site

Churches outside UCC going trough ONA-like process - Summary of other programs

Survey of other congregations


Index of materials in Reference Library


Updated Report to Congregation

Updated questions asked of the ONA Committee - originally reported in September 2008

Final Letter to Congregation

From Moderator, Senior Deacon and ONA Chair