November 11th Feedback
Used with permission from UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns

Feedback from Public Forum (second hour) November 11, 2007

What information do you need?

1) What does the Bible say?

2) How many other churches are doing or have done this?

3) Can we hear directly from other churches who have done this? How has it impacted them? For those who have taken up the issue and decided not to adopt Open and Affirming, how is this impacted them?

4) What is the definition of “Open and Affirming”(ONA)? Is it just one issue?

5) Is there a single definition of ONA or can we tailor it?

6) Why do we have to address this issue at all?

7) If we are not Open and Affirming, what are we?

8) What is the rationale for adopting ONA and how do opponents respond to this? What is the rationale for not adopting ONA and how do opponents respond to this?

9) Does ONA include other groups traditionally discriminated against? (e.g. different cultures, races, and religious beliefs)

10) What is it like to grow up feeling discriminated against? Can we hear some personal witness?

11) What do people fear about this process?

12) How will the outcome of this process change our worship life?

What Are Some Ways That You Would Participate in this Process?

1) Watch a video

2) Listen to an outside speaker (2) (e.g. Dick Allen)

3) Small group discussion

4) Enhanced website with discussion forum

5) Attend Laity Sunday put on by ONA Committee

6) Visit other churches who are and are not ONA.

7) Large group discussions

8) Panel discussion of folks with different views

9) Read reference material (books, articles, videos)

10) Borrow material from a lending library

11) Contribute materials to a lending library

12) Hear a role-play of issues

13) Read handouts/summaries of group meetings

14) Friendly debate

15) Youth?

16) Read mailings

Request and challenge to committee: how to encourage all to participate and be educated.