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Stewardship is the arm of the Church that is primarily responsible for raising funds to operate the Church and to fund its missions. Its major task each year is to reach out to the membership of the Rocky Hill Congregational Church to ask each to contribute an amount sufficient to allow the Church to staff and operate and grow in the direction that the congregation determines annually at its budget and elections meeting.

The mission of stewardship is changing with the economic times. Increasingly it is finding that it needs to take a larger and more continuous role in the life of the Church. To that end, stewardship is beginning a regular series of talks and seminars on financial planning. These sessions are designed to help the membership of the RHCC better deal with their financial needs and to plan for the future. To that end, Stewardship will no longer be the entity that contacts you once a year to ask you to pledge for the future year. Stewardship will now be performing a more continuous function as both a fund raiser and an advisor on how to plan your own finances.

Stewardship’s first formal program took place on Saturday, February 21, 2009 over a period of 2 hours at Church during which a lawyer with expertise in wills gave a seminar on wills and laid the groundwork for a future session on trusts. Other topics are being planned on insurance (March 28th) and financial planning. A brochure on financial planning will soon be available at Church and for download.


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