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Folks from around the country gathered on October 2-4 at Back Bay Mission, a community mission of the United Church of Christ located in Biloxi, Mississippi, to celebrate the opening of its new campus buildings. Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August of 2005 and the Mission lost six of its seven buildings, and the new buildings are open after a multi-year construction project. Donna Manocchio and Jim Day represented RHCC on the weekend, which included tours, a work project (Donna did some painting and Jim put on a roof!), a shrimp boil, and worship in the new community building.

Three groups from RHCC have made work team trips to Biloxi beginning in April of 2005, and church members as well as the Board for Missions have supported Back Bay over the last four years. They are most grateful for our contributions and the support of so many UCC folks and congregations around the country. The weekend was truly an Easter experience – to know and affirm that God’s grace and the love of so many have brought the Mission back to life! Jim and Rev. Shari Prestemon, Executive Director of BBM. Shari has led the organization through the first harrowing days after Katrina through the recovery and reconstruction.

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